Our COVID-19 Safety Plan

At Cardinal & Nashville Catastrophe Services, we are committed to keeping our Clients and our Teams safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are the FIRST roofing company to provide a completely safe platform for virtual engagement with our clients. In order to carry out our services in absolute safety, we have developed this secure website as a fully digital, on-line Cat Service Client Portal to exchange any and all information and documentation. In compliance with local, state and federal guidelines, we will continue to practice social distancing. In fact, by using the Cat Service Client Portal, we will be able to avoid any face-to-face interactions altogether and conduct every aspect of the project virtually.

Our Promise to You

Cardinal & Nashville Catastrophe Services will conduct our essential services of inspecting homes and providing tarping services in absolute safety and without face-to-face contact with home-owners. Throughout the duration of the project, we will continue to circumvent face-to-face contact through the use of the Client Portal. In addition, all construction work will be conducted in absolute safety and without face-to-face contact with home-owners. The entire project will be managed without any need to have face-to-face contact at any point in time.

Our Expertise

At Cardinal & Nashville Catastrophe Services, we are true SPECIALISTS. We only work with homeowner insurance claims. We are members of the National Roofing Contractors Association and our Project Managers are certified professionals having completed the “HAAG Certified Inspector-Residential Roofs” course. We combine our HAAG education and adherence to NRCA guidelines and standards along with strictly following all manufacturer suggested installation procedures. This allows us to provide unmatched expertise in all of our restoration projects from beginning to end. We have the experience and expertise to have your property fully indemnified to whole in its entirety, because we focus exclusively on storm damage restoration insurance projects.

Meet the Team

YES WE ARE LOCAL! Our CardCat crew is hard at working helping home-owners with damage sustained due to the recent hailstorm in the Edwardsville/Glen Carbon area and nearby communities. Our NashCat crew is hard at work helping home-owners with damage sustained due to the recent tornadoes. Together we make a great team and we enjoy our blended Card-Nash family. We have strong roots in each location. We are locally- and family-owned and operated.

Quinten Thornton

Division Manager

Quinten serves as Division Manager of Nashville Catastrophe Services, Inc. Quinten spent time at our home office and corporate headquarters in Edwardsville, IL, learning everything about the business while serving as a Project Manager for Cardinal Catastrophe Services, Inc. Quinten quickly worked his way up the ladder and was promoted to Division Manager at the beginning of 2019. Quinten keeps NashvilleCat running smoothly and continues to build our reputation of true quality workmanship and unparalleled customer service.

Aaron Specht

President & CEO

Both Cardinal Catastrophe Services and Nashville Catastrophe Services were founded by Aaron Specht, who currently acts as President and CEO. Aaron was an Operations Executive with Fastenal Company in Atlanta, GA, for a decade coupled with over 19 total years of executive industrial and residential industry management and sales. Aaron then found a niche and turned his focus to insurance restoration projects. By recognizing a need for a competent and specialized storm damage restoration company in the St. Louis Metro East area, he opened Cardinal Catastrophe Services, Inc. in 2009. CardinalCat has experienced phenomenal popularity and unparalleled growth because of their unparalleled client service. Because of this, Aaron set his sights on offering his unique insurance restoration services to other areas and expanded the business to his favorite country home, Tennessee, in 2012.