Our experts have advised you to file a claim. What’s next?

Once adequate storm damage has been detected, the first step is to file a claim with your Insurance Company. When filing the claim, it is important to know your date of loss (storm date) and type of loss (tornado, hail, wind, or hail AND wind). If you do not have this information, please contact your Project Manager. Record your claim number so that you may provide that information on the contract. Then, the second step is to sign a contract to enter into an agreement to use our services. (Please note that you may proceed with the contract even if you do not yet have your Claim #.)

Follow these steps to file your insurance claim:

(1) Be aware of and understand the “Date of Loss” or “Storm Date” and “Type of Loss” (tornado, hail, wind, or hail AND wind). If a claim involves both hail and wind, clearly specify both up front to avoid inadvertently filing two claims and incurring two deductibles.

(2) If any emergency temporary repairs were already incurred (tarping, boarding up windows, temporary fence, etc.) keep a list of work completed and save invoices and receipts.

(3) Contact the Claims Center of your Insurance Company and report that you have damage to your home and need to file a claim. Your Project Manager can provide you with a toll-free number if necessary. Provide the date of loss, type of loss (tornado, wind, hail, or hail AND wind) and note any emergency temporary repairs at this time. If you prefer, we can file your claim together. For some insurance companies, your Project Manager can file a claim on your behalf with your policy number. Alternatively, some insurance companies provide for filing a claim on-line.

(4) Your Insurance Company will contact you via phone, usually within 48 hours of filing your claim, and assign a claim number, provide the adjuster’s name and contact number, and set a date and time for the adjustment appointment.

Review and Submit Contract & Authorization

First, please download the contract and read the entire document thoroughly. Then call your Project Manager to discuss the contract and ask any questions you may have.

Second, when you are ready to submit the contract, click below to go to the “fillable” pdf. You will see a preview of the pdf and boxes for you to provide the information needed to complete the form. The form will be forwarded to us when you click SUBMIT. You may view the form with your responses either before or after clicking SUBMIT. You can also download a copy for your records.

Insurance Restoration Contract and Authorization of the Insured