Digital Color Meeting

Please note that for this step, we will complete the digital color meeting carefully across three stages.

Stage (1) Once you have chosen all of your product options, please speak to your Project Manager. They will explain briefly the items we would like for you to review. At that time, please download the 3 color meeting documents and read each document thoroughly.

Stage (2) Schedule a phone call with your Project Manager to more thoroughly discuss the documents and all other necessary information regarding your project. This will be considered your color meeting consultation. Expect to spend at least 30 minutes for this process, possibly more.

Stage (3) After you have completed the color meeting consultation with your Project Manager, you may continue with submitting the 3 color meeting documents. Complete each one separately by providing either answers or initials and your signature. Upon receipt of those documents, we can move forward with entering the required information to begin the production phase of your restoration project.

PLEASE NOTE: The 3rd document, titled “Pre-Production Color Options” will be completed in two phases. For Step 6 here, you will provide limited information to get the document started. After receiving your submission, your Project Manager will compete the additional details and send the document back to you for your approval. Your Project Manager will discuss this in detail during your color meeting consultation.

Please review, complete and submit all 3 documents for your state.